Adjustable Basketball Hoops

Adjustable Basketball Hoops

Basketball Hoop Adjusting Mechanism – A great feature of many home basketball hoops is their ability to adjust the rim height according to the height of the basketball player. The vast majority of adjustable basketball hoops, whether in-ground or portable, have an adjustable height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. You might want to consider buying an adjustable basketball hoop if players of different heights and skill levels will be using it. Most basketball hoops today allow you to adjust the height with no tools and little effort. Goal Star Hoops are very easy to adjust by hand with a hand crank. Goal Star Hoops easily adjust to a position and then stay in place – that is it. Our Hoops also have a height Gage that tells you how high the rim above the court surface– easily crank the hoop to your desired height and you are ready to play.

Do You need an Adjustable Basketball Hoop?

Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Some less expensive and lighter quality basketball hoops do not have a means of adjustment in place. If you are thinking about a basketball hoop that is not adjustable you should consider the current and future players. If the intended player is fully grown, you can probably get away with a fixed height basketball hoop; however, if the intended player is still growing an adjustable hoop will better serve your needs.

Adjustable Basketball Hoops have come a long way in technology and design over the last 30 years. The days of heavy lifting to a precision point to then have a friend stick a metal bolt into a socket to hold the height of an adjustable basketball hoop have long passed. The days of hanging an adjustable basketball hoop from the top of your garage and then watching as the bolts ripped a hole in the roof as the unit came pummeling back to earth left us in the late 70’s. Today’s adjustable basketball hoops are manufactured for safety, ease of use, strength and durability.

Adjustable Basketball Hoop Safety: Safety is designed directly into the basketball hoop allowing the smallest and youngest players to enjoy a basketball hoop in their driveway, backyard or neighborhood playground.

Adjustable Basketball Hoops are Simple to Use: Goal Star Hoops are easy to adjust, no pins or bolts to stick in chancing fingers getting pinched!

Adjustable Basketball Hoops Durability: Goal Star adjustable Hoops are made of high quality steel, aluminum, and tempered glass. All exposed parts are treated with Scratch Resistant Baked-On Black Powder Coat Finish with UV Protector paint. These Basketball hoops will probably be standing after your house falls down!

In Ground Basketball Hoops

In Ground Basketball Hoop Systems: In ground basketball hoops is probably the most robust and longest lasting options available today.

Types of In Ground Basketball Goals:

  • There are three basic in ground techniques: Direct In-Ground Burial – Dig a hole in the ground, put in the main post and fill it with concrete. It may sound simple but has some difficult hurdles to overcome. First, you must make sure that the basketball pole stays exactly level while the cement is curing. Secondly, the basketball pole must be buried at exactly the right depth to ensure the basketball system can reach a regulation 10′ basketball rim height.
  • Sleeve – In this case, only a sleeve is buried in-ground which the pole slides into after the cement is dry. This reduces the leveling problem as the sleeve is lighter and less likely to move while the cement is drying. It does not solve the issue of depth. Also, sleeve mounts supposedly offer semi-portability. Our experience is that after a few short years it is very difficult to pull the basketball pole out of the sleeve because of corrosion.
  • Bolt & Pier – In our opinion this is the best premium in-ground basketball goal installation technique. It take cares of the leveling and depth issues while offering portability. This technique also used in other applications like highway lights, steel buildings anchors and street signs. Bolts are sunk into the wet concrete and after the concrete cures, the basketball pole is bolted on. This allows the basketball hoop to be easily leveled.

Outdoor Basketball Hoops

When shopping for an outdoor basketball hoop system, you will have many choices to make. First you will want to decide if you will want to move your outdoor basketball hoop system or not. Do you plan to move it into a shed or garage in the winter, or will you want to take it with you if you move? If you answered yes to these questions, you will probably want to consider a portable basketball hoop system. If not, then it is worth considering an in ground basketball goal system.


Secondly, consider how much you want to spend on your outdoor basketball hoop. Generally you can purchase inexpensive portable outdoor basketball hoop systems from many stores in your area that sell sporting equipment. They may not be as durable as their more expensive counterparts, but they will be set up and ready to play with in a flash. Also, outdoor basketball hoop systems that are not height adjustable can be less expensive than outdoor basketball hoops that are height adjustable. Weather you purchase an outdoor basketball hoop system that is height adjustable or one that is not is another very important decision to make. As we mentioned in the prior paragraph, an outdoor basketball hoop system that is not height adjustable is typically less expensive.

The major drawback to purchasing an outdoor basketball hoop system is that it will not accommodate players of all ages, sizes and abilities. An adjustable outdoor basketball hoop can be moved up or down so that players of all ages, abilities and sizes can play. There are a variety of mechanisms for raising and lowering outdoor basketball hoops. Most on the market today are easy and safe to adjust , either by hand or with the push of a broomstick, but it is worth considering who will be adjusting the adjustable outdoor basketball hoop before deciding on the adjustment mechanism.

Lastly, how much room do you have? Outdoor basketball hoop systems can be purchased that will work in smaller spaces such as a typical 1 car driveway, anywhere up to a full outdoor backyard court. The main thing is to do your homework and purchase the outdoor basketball hoop system that is right for you!